Part 4

Experimentation: Still life

Research point Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s Quite Afternoon and The Way Things Go

Research point Peter Fraser’s close shots of found phenomena

Picture Analysis Nigel Haworth, OCA student pg127

Project 1: Experimenting with still life

Exercise 4.1 Fragments

Research points Cubist paintings and sculptures, Picasso’s Weeping Women, Brendan Fowler’s Spring 2011-Fall 2012

Exercise 4.2 Constructed imagery

Picture analysis Laura Letinsky

Research point David Bate’s Bungled Memories at

Research point Pieter Claesz at,0

Project 2: Combining images, objects and concepts

Exercise 4.3 Patchwork

Exercise 4.4 Layers

Exercise 4.5 Photomontage

Research point John Heartfield and Hannah Hoch

Research point Beate Gutschow’s ‘S’ series

Exercise 4.6 Photomontage in Photoshop

Exercise 4.7 Repetition

Project 3: Learning from other photographers

Research point self-reflection

Exercise 4.8 Emulation

Exercise 4.9 Presence/absence

Assignment four: Responding to a theme

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