Part 2

Image: The Portrait

Project 1: Activity, depth and distance

Research point: Subject and background – Karl Blossfeldt plants and Richard Avedon’s portraits

Exercise 2.1 White paper and flowers and portraits

Exercise 2.2 People and activity

Research Point: Candid photographs – Tish Murtha/ Distant views of activity – Andreas Gursky/ Key gestures, facial expressions, telling relationships – Diane Arbus/ ‘snapshots’ of characters – Susan Meiselas/ Light effects – Trent Parke/ Cultural details – Manuel Alvarez Bravo/ Out of situation – Richard Avedon

Exercise 2.3 Depth: foreground, mid-ground, background

Exercise 2.4 The two-dimensional plane

Project 2: Experimenting with portrait

Exercise 2.5 An identi-kit portrait

Exercise 2.6 Near and far

Project 3: Exploring the effects of light

Exercise 2.7 People in light

Exercise 2.8 Fill-flash

Research point Fill-flash – Martin Parr

Exercise 2.9 A night portrait

Research point Weegee

Picture analysis – The Conversation, Michael Buhler-Rose

Research point Constructing the Exotic, Michael Buhler-Rose

Project 4 Three techniques

Exercise 2.10 Dodging and burning

Exercise 2.11 Split contrast

Exercise 2.12 A Day in the Life

Assignment two: Painting with light

Research point Presentation/ Exhibition: Look at the way Annette Messager hung her photographs for My Vows (Mes Voeux). Also look at the arrangements of prints by Wolfgang Tillmans on the gallery wall.

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