Part 1

Workflow: Landscapes and environments

Project 1: 100 Photos

Exercise 1.1 Uploading, organising and reviewing your photographs

Exercise 1.2 Basic image editing

Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour

Exercise 1.4 Cropping your images

Exercise 1.5 Experimenting with your light meter

Project 2: Shadows

Exercise 1.6 Light and shadow

Research point Light and shadow – Trent Parke

Exercise 1.7 Evaluating your photographs

Exercise 1.8 Bracketing exposures

Picture analysis – Toshio Shibata, Red Bridge, Okawa

Research point diffused light – Gabriele Basilico

Exercise 1.9 Soft light landscape

Project 3: Stillness and movement

Exercise 1.11 Capturing stillness and movement

Exercise 1.12 Smash!

Research point freeze-frame photographs – Denis Darzacq

Research point – Harold Edgerton’s experiments

Exercise 1.13 Make a contact sheet

Exercise 1.14 Re-sizing a batch of your images for your blog

Exercise 1.15 Uploading photos to your blog

Exercise 1.16 Inviting and posting comments

Assignment one: Traces

Research points: Richard Misrach – Writing on the Wall, Gina Lundy – Academy, Lensculture’s feature on ‘forensic traces of war,’ Chloe Juno – Someones Rubbish

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