Broomberg and Chanarin – Afterlife

29th June 2020 Afterlife offers a re-reading of a controversial photograph taken in Iran on 6 August 1979. This remarkable image, taken just months after the revolution, records the execution of 11 blindfolded Kurdish prisoners by firing squad. The photograph captures the decisive moment the guns were fired, and was immediately reproduced in newspapers and... Continue Reading →

Assignment four

27th June 2020 Reflection Feedback on assignment The feedback for Part four of the course which includes the assignment, related more or less to questioning my work. I will answer the questions that my tutor put forward on assignment four and I will also revisit the work and produce re-visited completed images without the wider... Continue Reading →

Amak Mahmoodian

19th June 2020 My name is Amak, I was born in Shiraz in 1980. I am an Iranian photographer, film maker and curator living in the UK. My work questions the identity, it expresses something personal, which pertains to a general issue.For me the hallmark of photography is telling the truth, photographs are magical and... Continue Reading →

Exercise 5.1 Illusion of photography – final edit

15th June 2020 I found this exercise quite interesting as on the completion of it I had created a bonus illusion game sequence (which can be found on this link) which format can be used for some excellent illusion photography. My final piece of work for this exercise is called 'In Hiding.' The concept is... Continue Reading →

Assignment 4 Responding to a theme – final edit

11th June 2020 The following photographs are my final selection for this assignment. To view the research and preliminary work the link is here and the contact sheets, here. For this assignment we were asked to produce 3-5 still-life photographs. I have extended the objectives slightly, for although I have presented 5 photographs they are constructed of between... Continue Reading →

Boris Mikhailov – revisited

17th March 2020 It was interesting to see you like Mikhailov's work. It might be worth you expanding on why within a post with specific images and how you interpret them.Feedback from Assignment three, Tutor David Wyatt Boris Mikhailovimage from pg2, Gilda Williams (2001), Boris Mikhailov. Hong Kong: Phaidon Press Limited Mikhailov's work is one... Continue Reading →

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