Letters from the People: Lee Friedlander

Edited by Mark Holborn (1993), Letters from the People: Lee Friedlander. Johnathon Cape Ltd 04th January 2020 This book is an oversized square hardback and consists of tritone images of the alphabet, numerals, words and sentences. The photographs are from the streets, walls and the windows of America, some have been commercially printed and others... Continue Reading →

Aspect Ratio

20th December 2019 I have never really taken any notice of this term, In fact, I just flick by it in my cameras menu. Until now. At present I am researching time lapse photography - because for me, it is very closely related to sequences and documenting change in the world around us. While I... Continue Reading →

Research point: Genre

28th November 2019 Make a habit of trying to identify the genre of photographs you view.What use does the photograph have? Is it advertising or news, for example? One way to understand is to ask, 'Who commissioned the photograph?' Or, 'Is this a personal project?' And ask yourself how the photograph functions in order to... Continue Reading →

Dodge and Burning Tools

Image from the website improvephotography.com Dodging and Burning Pro Tips in Photoshop A brilliant article on the website improve photography.com by Brian Pex Notes and image below, taken from - Martin Evening (2018), Adobe Photoshop for Photographers 2018 Edition. New York: Routledge. NoteApplying the Dodge tool or Burn tool to the background layer permanently alters... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1.10 Shutter Speed

Make a series of experiments bracketing only the shutter speed, for example by using 1/250th sec, then 1/60th sec, 1/15th sec, etc. You will go from freezing the movement to blurring movement.Think about interesting moving subjects and note down some ideas: people, nature, machines, etc. Note the most effective ways you could photograph them: by... Continue Reading →

Types of light

14th October 2019 Project 3, Exploring the effects of light has us thinking about the many different kinds of light that there are. ... Sunlight, moonlight, candle light, street light, flash light, light from a computer monitor or TV, car headlights, neon light, chemical snap light, etc... Through the day sunlight may change from bright... Continue Reading →

Flower photography

13th September 2019 Flower photography: While I was getting ready to take photographs of flowers in the garden I read an article in a miscellaneous photography book about garden photography. I have jotted a few notes down that I found interesting and worth noting for future use. overcast conditions are best – soft, even light.strong sunlight... Continue Reading →


19 August 2019 Exposure and all that jazz…. ISO, SS, F-stop and the exposure triangle. Panasonic.com petapixel.com Save JPEG > maximum/ optimum image quality. JPEG uses file compression that results in a loss in quality. Image size Image files are usually large and it is best to keep them large to retain the maximum resolution for printing and... Continue Reading →

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