Letting your photography tell a story

31st January 2020 Research the sequences of Duane Michals online.www.dcmooregallery.com/artists/duane-michals/series/sequencesOCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg122 I have written about Michals for my blog on the 21st November 2019 and you will find the research under the heading, Research point - Sequence: Muybridge, Michals, Arnatt, Hilliard and Ruscha, here. I have just researched the above... Continue Reading →

Thomas Struth

11th January 2020 Before you start, research Thomas Struth's portraits on the Tate website.OCA Foundations in Photography course folder pg116 The Smith Family, Fife, Scotland 1989 1989 Thomas Struth born 1954 Purchased with assistance from the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1995 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P77750 This is an extract of the accompanying text on the Tates website:... Continue Reading →

Letters from the People: Lee Friedlander

Edited by Mark Holborn (1993), Letters from the People: Lee Friedlander. Johnathon Cape Ltd 04th January 2020 This book is an oversized square hardback and consists of tritone images of the alphabet, numerals, words and sentences. The photographs are from the streets, walls and the windows of America, some have been commercially printed and others... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.4 Documenting change

21st December 2019 Make a sequence of photographs that shows the same subject, but in different states i.e. changing. You can choose any subject you like, but clearly identify it and note down the conditions of change you want to show.Produce at least three images in the sequence - that shows the different states of... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.3 Sequence – Time At A Gig

16th December 2019 Make a sequence of photographs.Experiment by placing images together either in Photoshop or as prints. Notice how one image resonates with another image and how the two combine to produce a new meaning.If your sequence would work better as a slideshow, use PowerPoint or download Open Office to create one.OCA Foundations in... Continue Reading →


An Exhibition of Railway Photography by David PearceParcels Office/ Public Exhibition Space, Lowestoft Railway Station. June 2019Exhibition Pamphlet I am ashamed to say that I heard of the exhibition through the local newspapers who wrote a journalistic piece on this, the first exhibition in the new exhibition space in Lowestoft Station. I am ashamed because... Continue Reading →


27th October 2019 “I have no inhibitions and neither does my camera…” "To me a photograph is a page from life, and that being the case, it must be real."Weegee Weegee's real name was Arthur (Usher) Fellig  but was known by his pseudonym Weegee which is pronounced like the Ouija board. This pseudonym was given to him... Continue Reading →

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