Exercise 4.6 Photomontage in Photoshop – background tests and research

2nd May 2020 For this exercise we are able to use images that we have already taken to create our own photomontages in Photoshop. Where does one start when you have such a mixture of photographs in your catalogue? Which theme? Do you use photographs that have a dynamic or eye-catching image? An image that... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2* Painting with Light

05th November 2019 This assignment is a trial and error process in taking a photograph of a person. This can be a hard lesson for students who don’t see the many unsuccessful attempts that are behind the successful picture, the photos that almost expressed what the photographer had in mind, where the light. was almost... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.12 A Day in the Life

31st October 2019 Photography is a portable method of collecting visual meanings. In this project you'll make a visual diary of your day with 'selfie's' in an attempt to document your own everyday identity and how it evolves through the day.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg90 My mental health has been with me since... Continue Reading →

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