Research point – Self reflection

22nd April 2020 Throughout this course you've been introduced to the work of different photographers to help give you an understanding of the creative potential of photography. Now it's time to question your own work and identify anything you think is lacking. You don't have to be over-critical, just honest.OCA Foundations in Photography course folder... Continue Reading →


Thumbnails and Contact sheets Thumbnails – reduced size versions of photographs which makes organising and locating specific images easier. Contact sheet – serve the same purpose as thumbnails. Sometimes the two terms are often interchanged. I found that the term thumbnails is used more frequently and is related to all things computer based, but contact sheets are... Continue Reading →

Photographers, Photography and Books, Books, Books

17th August 2019 Minutes To Midnight, Trent Parke Trent Parke (2013). Minutes To Midnight. Germany: Steidl "Minutes to Midnight is an apocalyptic book, but they are real documents, they're real events, real moments in time that have happened," explains Magnum photographer Trent Parke. Shot over the course of two years and covering over 90,000 km,... Continue Reading →

Red Bridge, Okawa: Shibato

Toshio Shibata, Red Bridge, Okawa, 2007Picture obtained from the, link above The title of Shibata's photograph gives the audience a focal point, which is the bridge and gives us its location. If you know about his bridge series and the photographer himself you will come to view this work differently from someone who is... Continue Reading →

Lumix DC-GH5 and lenses

19th August 2019 Worlds first 4k/60P video recording for compact system cameras. Image quality = 6k Photos. 20.3-megapixel. Mirror less camera. GH5 review on TechRadar Lumix Micro Four Thirds My lenses: Lumix G Fisheye 8mm - creative lens - change the lens angle to create a curving effect. Lumix G Vario Standard 14-42mm - suitable... Continue Reading →

Project 1 100 Photos

When Mother Goes On Strike! TIME YOURSELF: you have 30 minutes to make 100 photos! Don't think too much. This isn't about quality, it's about quantity. Stop after 30 minutes.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder, pg26 I have titled my photo shoot, 'When Mother Goes On Strike!' This is because I have chosen to shoot... Continue Reading →

GH5 Manuals

"Fantastic things will never come from my comfort zone of the iA button. Progress and success will only come from trying the unknown and using manual settings..."Dawn Tomlin 31st July 2019 Setting up my camera for the OCA photography course was my first challenge. Gone were the days of iA clicking and here were the... Continue Reading →

Study Beginnings, Wonders Will Never Cease

"Good study begins with a decision to improve old skills, knowledge and thought processes and gain new ones."OCA Foundations Photography course folder, pg10. I have already written notes reminding myself of areas of technical photography that I need to learn with some emergency. However, my little devil voice keeps chirping in, "You've managed forty years... Continue Reading →

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