Exercise 3.1 Searching

18th December 2019 Take at least a couple of hours or more to wander around.... what do you look at? Photograph that.When you have uploaded your photos decide whether to arrange them as smaller images in a scroll that reflects your journey you made. or pick out some individual images.Does your collection suggest a journey?... Continue Reading →


An Exhibition of Railway Photography by David PearceParcels Office/ Public Exhibition Space, Lowestoft Railway Station. June 2019Exhibition Pamphlet I am ashamed to say that I heard of the exhibition through the local newspapers who wrote a journalistic piece on this, the first exhibition in the new exhibition space in Lowestoft Station. I am ashamed because... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.4 The two-dimensional plane

09th October 2019 For this exercise we asked to find a photograph that has many subjects at the same approximate distance from the camera. With this image we have to study it and find out what captures our attention first, where do our eyes go next, are there things that distract us etc… We are... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.2 People and activity

I have been thinking about different types of activities that I could focus on as a theme for my work. Firstly where could I find people and which type of shots would suit the activity? (1) Lowestoft town centre - many people walking. In centre of high street with people walking towards me - setting... Continue Reading →

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