Exercise Basic image editing

Exercise 1.2 Basic image editing Histogram/ Adjustments/ Levels/ Black Point/ White Point Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour White balance tool/ Layers palette/ Adjustment palette/ Colour Balance Adjustment Layer/ Curves/ creating new Layers/ Healing Brush/ Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer/ Opacity/ Channels Tab/ Layers mask/  Exercise 1.4 Cropping images Here I begin my editing journey… I have decided to... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2** Painting with Light

The Ravens Retreat 02nd December 2019 This assignment is a trial and error process in taking a photograph of a person. This can be a hard lesson for students who don’t see the many unsuccessful attempts that are behind the successful picture, the photos that almost expressed what the photographer had in mind, where the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.11 Split contrast

17th November 2019 Split contrast is another darkroom technique that's much easier to achieve in the digital domain. Use it to add drama to your pictures or to correct problems in exposure, for example an over-exposed sky above a correctly exposed landscape. You'll need a good image editing programme like Photoshop to do advanced work... Continue Reading →

Layers and layer masks Practice 2

15th November 2019 The first of which is Layers for Beginners | Photoshop CC Tutorial by Pixel and Braket, 02nd December 2017. The tutorial can be seen below. My second practice with layers includes layer masks in the tutorial. The Youtube video is Photoshop Layers and Layer Masks for beginners by Photos In Color, 10th August 2016.... Continue Reading →

Layers Practice 1

15th November 2019 APOLOGIES FOR THE LAYOUT OF THIS BLOG POST - WordPress was somehow glitching today (again my add) and I had half of every photograph within the gallery setting with a thick grey bar running along the bottom going through the actual images. I have had to present the photographs in single format... Continue Reading →

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