Cindy Sherman

31st January 2020 Cindy Sherman consciously played with the identity representations of women in movies by photographing herself in different female roles. Her later work makes use of prosthetic make-up, costume, props and sets to emphasise the ways women were represented in historic paintings...... In staged photography you're telling a story, a fiction that may... Continue Reading →

Letters from the People: Lee Friedlander

Edited by Mark Holborn (1993), Letters from the People: Lee Friedlander. Johnathon Cape Ltd 04th January 2020 This book is an oversized square hardback and consists of tritone images of the alphabet, numerals, words and sentences. The photographs are from the streets, walls and the windows of America, some have been commercially printed and others... Continue Reading →

Research: Images in Sequence

27th November 2019 Youtube: The Art of Photography For the exercise 3.3 Sequence, I have researched further and found this YouTube video which has some good basic information in it. The host also covers Duane Michals in depth, so I have taken detailed notes from the video which can be read below, some extracts... Continue Reading →

Research Point – Sequence: Muybridge, Michals, Arnatt, Hilliard and Ruscha

21st November 2019 Images in sequenceWhat defines a sequence, as opposed to a series, is the connectivity of the images in time or concept...... Can you identify how each of these artists is using sequence differently? look for inspiration.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg 102 I am looking forward to researching this exercise and... Continue Reading →

Gerhard Richter’s Atlas

17th November 2019 Take a look at Gerhard Richter's Atlas:'ll see that Richter has placed together multiple images of a similar subject - a particular colour in the sky, similar types of buildings, trees and types of portrait. It's called a typology.OCA Foundations in photography Course Folder pg100 Typology - noun 1. a classification according... Continue Reading →

Constructing the Exotic: Buhler-Rose

26th October 2019 This is a link to Buhler-Roses website where the photographic series called Constructing the Exotic can be found. Have a look at the whole series at Make some notes in your learning log.OCA Foundations in Photography Course folder pg84 The series of photographs 'Constructing the Exotic' makes use of western... Continue Reading →

The Conversation: Buhler-Rose

25th October 2019 Michael Buhler-Rose, The conversation, from Constructing the Exotic. Image from (1) Write a visual description of the photograph above using short phrases and descriptive words. the four key elements you should describe are:* facial expression* posture and gesture* clothing* character of locationOCA Foundations in photography course folder pg83 The photograph has... Continue Reading →

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