Exercise 3.7 A significant object – background tests

21st January 2020 'Family Stories' For this exercise we are asked to choose a specific object that is significant to us, photograph it, taking into account its background, viewpoint, placement, light and composition. We are then asked, ' Does the photograph (the representation) have the same meaning as the object itself? Is there a difference?"... Continue Reading →

Layers and layer masks Practice 2

15th November 2019 The first of which is Layers for Beginners | Photoshop CC Tutorial by Pixel and Braket, 02nd December 2017. The tutorial can be seen below. My second practice with layers includes layer masks in the tutorial. The Youtube video is Photoshop Layers and Layer Masks for beginners by Photos In Color, 10th August 2016.... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.10 Dodging and Burning

These techniques are useful because they allow you to subtly improve the lighting and shadows in a picture. In extreme cases dodging and burning can be used to totally rebalance a composition and remove unwanted distractions by darkening them to black.Tip ... Dodging and burning (and all manipulations) need to be done in such a... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.6 Near and far

19th October 2019 This exercise is about depth in the frame. Now you understand depth of field, you can use deep focus to photograph a figure in an environment, combining portrait with landscape and emphasising the sense of space.Aim to shoot a conclusive series of full-length and head-and-shoulders portraits using a foreground figure or face... Continue Reading →

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