The Last Resort

09th December 2019 Happy to say I have bought a signed edition of Parr's The Last Resort: Introduced by Gerry Badger (2018).United Kingdom, Dewi Lewis Publishing When Martin Parr’s The Last Resort was first published and exhibited in 1986 it divided both critics and audiences alike. Some saw it as the ‘finest achievement to date’ of colour... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.9 A night portrait

04th November 2019 Make a full-length figure portrait, like the one below, which was exposed for about 7 minutes. But also use flash, high ISO and street lights, aim to create three finished night photographs, although you'll need to make many more exposures that that to ensure success.OCA Foundation in photography Course folder pg82 I... Continue Reading →


27th October 2019 “I have no inhibitions and neither does my camera…” "To me a photograph is a page from life, and that being the case, it must be real."Weegee Weegee's real name was Arthur (Usher) Fellig  but was known by his pseudonym Weegee which is pronounced like the Ouija board. This pseudonym was given to him... Continue Reading →

Martin Parr

12th October 2019 You can see many examples of fill-flash in Martin Parr's photographs at http://www.martinparr.comOCA Foundations in photography Course Folder pg81 Martin Parr – GB. England. New Brighton. From The Last Resort, 1983-85 Because I come from a creative/ conceptual art background I do not know much about photographers in the public eye. I may... Continue Reading →

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