Francis Martin – Women of the Wild Frontier

14th March 2020 On the 9th of March I visited Norwich Cathedral to take some long awaited photographs using the manual setting and also to try out my fisheye lens. While visiting there was an exhibition by artist Francis Martin which was titled, Women of the Wild Frontier. Unfortunately it wasn't a photography exhibition but... Continue Reading →

Truth: Larry Clark – Tulsa

I bought this book in response to a post I have written about Nan Goldin and her work 'The Ballad of Sexual dependency.' While researching I found that Goldin's biggest influence was the work 'Tulsa' by Larry clark, she stated in an interview, “Larry Clark’s book that was published in the 70’s called ‘Tulsa’ and,... Continue Reading →

Truth: Nan Goldin – The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

13th January 2019 In this assignment I saw a division between ‘photographic truth’ and ‘photographic fiction’ within self-portraiture. With this in mind I recommend you look into the following artists: ‘Truth’: Nan Goldin – The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – not all self-portraits in the literal sense but does include some plus the work as a... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2 Presentation/ Exhibition

04th December 2019 Stick your photographs on a (preferably) white wall. Think carefully about the arrangement and sequence of the photographs - which comes first, second, third etc? ... Try various arrangements until you're satisfied they work as a set.OCA Foundations in photography Course Folder pg92 Having just purchased a new printer for the course,... Continue Reading →


An Exhibition of Railway Photography by David PearceParcels Office/ Public Exhibition Space, Lowestoft Railway Station. June 2019Exhibition Pamphlet I am ashamed to say that I heard of the exhibition through the local newspapers who wrote a journalistic piece on this, the first exhibition in the new exhibition space in Lowestoft Station. I am ashamed because... Continue Reading →

Presentation/ Exhibition: Annette Messager and Wolfgang Tillmans

30th October 2019 Go to and look at the way Annette Messager hung her photographs for My Vows (Mes Voeux). Also look at the arrangements of prints by Wolfgang Tillmans on the gallery wall.OCA Foundation in Photography Course Folder pg92 Annette Messager - My Vows Annette Messager, My Vows (1988-91) Photographs, colored graphite on... Continue Reading →

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