Exercise 2.10 Dodging and Burning

These techniques are useful because they allow you to subtly improve the lighting and shadows in a picture. In extreme cases dodging and burning can be used to totally rebalance a composition and remove unwanted distractions by darkening them to black.Tip ... Dodging and burning (and all manipulations) need to be done in such a... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.6 Near and far

19th October 2019 This exercise is about depth in the frame. Now you understand depth of field, you can use deep focus to photograph a figure in an environment, combining portrait with landscape and emphasising the sense of space.Aim to shoot a conclusive series of full-length and head-and-shoulders portraits using a foreground figure or face... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.5 An ident-kit portrait

16th October 2019 For this exercise we were asked to photograph at least two people against a plain background with dead pan expressions. Then once printed out we were asked to make an oblong tube with straight sides and combine the finished pieces so that we made an ‘identi-kit’ face. We were then asked to... Continue Reading →

Part two: Image- The portrait

15th September 2019 Exercise 2.1 OriginalOriginalManipulatedConverted OriginalManipulatedConverted 08th October 2019 Exercise 2.2 19th October 2019 Exercise 2.6 21st October 2019 People in light 03rd December 2019 29th October 2019 Exercise 2.8 14th November 2019 Exercise 2.9 04th November 2019 Exercise 2.12 14th November 2019 Assignment two Painting with light 02nd December 2019


Thumbnails and Contact sheets Thumbnails – reduced size versions of photographs which makes organising and locating specific images easier. Contact sheet – serve the same purpose as thumbnails. Sometimes the two terms are often interchanged. I found that the term thumbnails is used more frequently and is related to all things computer based, but contact sheets are... Continue Reading →

Project 2 Shadows (outdoors)

A Quick Pic This project involves hunting for strong shadows and highlights in an outdoor environment lit by strong sunlight… Try to make pictures with feeling.OCA FOUNDATIONS IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE FOLDER, PG40 Well we are now into the second week of waiting for sunlight, unfortunately I have had only one chance of broken sunlight to... Continue Reading →

Project 2 Shadows (indoors)

The Alice Room This project involves hunting for strong shadows and highlights in an outdoor environment lit by strong sunlight... Try to make pictures with feeling.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder, pg40 Unfortunately the weather this week has been rain and over cast and the forecast for next week is the same. However, I am... Continue Reading →

Lumix DC-GH5 and lenses

19th August 2019 Worlds first 4k/60P video recording for compact system cameras. Image quality = 6k Photos. 20.3-megapixel. Mirror less camera. GH5 review on TechRadar Lumix Micro Four Thirds My lenses: Lumix G Fisheye 8mm - creative lens - change the lens angle to create a curving effect. Lumix G Vario Standard 14-42mm - suitable... Continue Reading →

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