Glitch Photography Techniques – Research and background tests

6th July 2020 Glitch apps There are many types of glitch programs which enable the user to automatically glitch their photographs. The results are obtained by uploading an image into the program and then applying a chosen glitch effect to it. The results are unpredictable and can range from the photographer having no control over... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.6 Photomontage in Photoshop – background tests and research

2nd May 2020 For this exercise we are able to use images that we have already taken to create our own photomontages in Photoshop. Where does one start when you have such a mixture of photographs in your catalogue? Which theme? Do you use photographs that have a dynamic or eye-catching image? An image that... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.7 Repetition

8th April 2020 For this exercise we were asked to look at and create our own boxed repetition image similar to that which Andy Warhol produced within his screen print work, without the colour differences. Andy Warhol, Mao, 1973, acrylic paint and silk-screen printing on canvasimage taken from Red Glasses Unlike Warhol however, we... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.4 Layers – background tests

28th March 2020 For exercise 4.4 we are asked to experiment with ways of making layered imagery. We are specifically asked to use photoshop for the creation of our images. Although I will use my iPad apps for layered work as this is the current method that I am using, but I will also revisit... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.1 Fragments – background tests

29th February 2020 Introduction For this exercise we are asked to experiment by combining fragments of images to create a combined design. We were also asked to research Cubism (link to post) and Brendan Fowler's Spring 2011 - Fall 2012 as initial inspiration for our work. From this research I also took time to research... Continue Reading →

Lightroom CC ‘v’ Lightroom Classic

15th January 2020 I was having terrible trouble with Lightroom CC. The instructions on many websites, blogs, within YouTube videos and The DAM Book Guide to Organising Your Photos with Lightroom 5 by Peter Krogh just did not make sense with the Lightroom I was using. Due to this, I honestly haven't touched the Lightroom... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2 Presentation/ Exhibition

04th December 2019 Stick your photographs on a (preferably) white wall. Think carefully about the arrangement and sequence of the photographs - which comes first, second, third etc? ... Try various arrangements until you're satisfied they work as a set.OCA Foundations in photography Course Folder pg92 Having just purchased a new printer for the course,... Continue Reading →

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