Exercise Basic image editing

Exercise 1.2 Basic image editing Histogram/ Adjustments/ Levels/ Black Point/ White Point Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour White balance tool/ Layers palette/ Adjustment palette/ Colour Balance Adjustment Layer/ Curves/ creating new Layers/ Healing Brush/ Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer/ Opacity/ Channels Tab/ Layers mask/  Exercise 1.4 Cropping images Here I begin my editing journey… I have decided to... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2*** Painting with Light: Post Processing Cross-app

02nd December 2019 For extra post processing within this assignment I have chose to add effects consisting of colour and textures through photography apps that I have on my iPad. I use these apps often and have specific adjustments that I have created for my needs within my creative photography. The word Cross-app is a... Continue Reading →

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