Glitch Photography Techniques – Research and background tests

6th July 2020 Glitch apps There are many types of glitch programs which enable the user to automatically glitch their photographs. The results are obtained by uploading an image into the program and then applying a chosen glitch effect to it. The results are unpredictable and can range from the photographer having no control over... Continue Reading →

Assignment 4 Responding to a theme – Research and background tests

31st May 2020 For Assignment four we are asked to create a series of 3-5 still-life photographs based on a theme. Still life is a traditional art form. The term 'still-life,' begins its origins in the seventeenth century Dutch language as 'stilleven' when paintings of still life became popular. I studied still life in great... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.5 Photomontage

25th May 2020 For exercise 4.5 we were asked to construct a photomontage from images taken from old magazines and/ or newspapers. Unfortunately for me the magazines I purchase are not the type to be cut up but kept, such magazines as Creative Review, Juxtapoz and Black and white Photography. With this in mind I... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.6 Photomontage in Photoshop – background tests and research

2nd May 2020 For this exercise we are able to use images that we have already taken to create our own photomontages in Photoshop. Where does one start when you have such a mixture of photographs in your catalogue? Which theme? Do you use photographs that have a dynamic or eye-catching image? An image that... Continue Reading →

Peter Fischli and David Weiss

22nd February 2020 Everyday life throws up many unlikely juxtapositions and symbols. Research online Peter Fischli and David Weiss 'Quiet Afternoon' series and have a look at their amusing video 'The Way Things Go.'OCA Foundations IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE FOLDER PG127 Artists information from The Tate website:The photographs which make up the series Equilibres / Quiet Afternoon 1984... Continue Reading →

Jeff Wall

31st January 2020 Jeff Wall goes to great lengths to create what sometimes appear to be 'documentary' street scenes that reflect a telling human situation...... In staged photography you're telling a story, a fiction that may have a connection to something real or true however staged it is. All movies, plays and fictions, however far... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.8 Re-photographing

21st January 2020 Sometimes re-photographing a photograph or collection of images can help different elements in a composition to gel into the same visual 'space'.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg112 For this exercise we were asked to take a portrait photograph of head and shoulders of a person we know and print it out.... Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 A staged photograph – final edit (warning self harm and nudity images)

25th January 2020 The following photographs are my final selection for this assignment. To view the research and preliminary work the link is here and the contact sheets, here. It was very difficult to choose a specific image as the final 'one only.' However looking on other peoples blogs some students had presented three as... Continue Reading →

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