Exercise 4.7 Repetition

8th April 2020 For this exercise we were asked to look at and create our own boxed repetition image similar to that which Andy Warhol produced within his screen print work, without the colour differences. Andy Warhol, Mao, 1973, acrylic paint and silk-screen printing on canvasimage taken from Red Glasses artredglasses.wordpress.com Unlike Warhol however, we... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.7 A significant object – background tests

21st January 2020 'Family Stories' For this exercise we are asked to choose a specific object that is significant to us, photograph it, taking into account its background, viewpoint, placement, light and composition. We are then asked, ' Does the photograph (the representation) have the same meaning as the object itself? Is there a difference?"... Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 A staged photograph – background tests (warning self harm and nudity images)

25th January 2020 Self Harming as Protection For this assignment we were able to choose one of two areas in which we could shoot, a staged photograph or a narrative sequence. Self harm as protection seems a contradictory term, how does that work. When my ex use to run after me, to get me, I... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.5 Photographs from text – background tests

Choose a text that has meaning for you. It can be anything from a poem to a newspaper report, a biblical passage or a scene in a novel. It can be a long text, but it would probably be best if it was reasonably short. Try to generalise visual ideas that communicate something about the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.2 Series – 5 mins in

07th December 2019 Decide on a specific subject... and work on making a series of photographs... but you must be clear at the outset what your subject is.When you've made the final selection of photographs, print them and place them in a grid or linear series. Invite people you know to comment on them and... Continue Reading →

Part three: Communication

18th December 2019 Exercise 3.1 Searching 10th December 2019 Exercise 3.2 Series* 13th December 2019 Exercise 3.2 Series** 11th December 2019 Exercise 3.3 Sequence* 11th December 2019 Exercise 3.4 Documenting Change 02nd December 2020 Exercise 3.5 Photographs from text 12th February 2020 Exercise 3.7 A significant object 20th January 2020 Exercise 3.8 Re-photographing 28th January... Continue Reading →

Part two: Image- The portrait

15th September 2019 Exercise 2.1 OriginalOriginalManipulatedConverted OriginalManipulatedConverted 08th October 2019 Exercise 2.2 19th October 2019 Exercise 2.6 21st October 2019 People in light 03rd December 2019 29th October 2019 Exercise 2.8 14th November 2019 Exercise 2.9 04th November 2019 Exercise 2.12 14th November 2019 Assignment two Painting with light 02nd December 2019

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