Exercise 4.4 Layers – Research and background tests

28th March 2020 For exercise 4.4 we are asked to experiment with ways of making layered imagery. We are specifically asked to use photoshop for the creation of our images. Although I will use my iPad apps for layered work as this is the current method that I am using, but I will also revisit... Continue Reading →

Laura Letinsky – Ill Form and Void full

06th March 2020 We are asked to look closely and analyse the below photograph by the Canadian photographer Laura Letinsky. Untitled 12, from the series “Ill Form and Void Full”, 2011image from ART SY artsy.net Driven by her interest in “control, accidents, and contrivance,” Laura Letinsky is best known for her exquisitely composed still life... Continue Reading →

Research point: Cubism

25th February 2020 The idea behind this exercise is to imaginatively combine the different photographs into a single conclusive design. Have a look at some Cubist paintings and sculpture as inspiration. Notice how one object blends into another and how different viewpoints of the same object co-exist in surprising ways. The classic example of this... Continue Reading →

Peter Fischli and David Weiss

22nd February 2020 Everyday life throws up many unlikely juxtapositions and symbols. Research online Peter Fischli and David Weiss 'Quiet Afternoon' series and have a look at their amusing video 'The Way Things Go.'OCA Foundations IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE FOLDER PG127 Artists information from The Tate website:The photographs which make up the series Equilibres / Quiet Afternoon 1984... Continue Reading →

Truth: Larry Clark – Tulsa

I bought this book in response to a post I have written about Nan Goldin and her work 'The Ballad of Sexual dependency.' While researching I found that Goldin's biggest influence was the work 'Tulsa' by Larry clark, she stated in an interview, “Larry Clark’s book that was published in the 70’s called ‘Tulsa’ and,... Continue Reading →

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