Assignment five Personal project – Research and background tests

20th June 2020 The final assignment is your chance to do whatever you want with photography. You've experimented widely throughout this course, practiced key technical and visual skills, and learned about different genres of photography. now you can put all that into practice in your final work.Foundations in photography course folder pg159 The contact sheets... Continue Reading →

Project Appropriation & Sampling

17th June 2020 Appropriation in art is the practice of using pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to the original subject without authority from the person who has the copyright. It is a mind field of rules and regulations because it is about stealing, ownership and originality. This link to Tate... Continue Reading →

Assignment 4 Responding to a theme – Research and background tests

31st May 2020 For Assignment four we are asked to create a series of 3-5 still-life photographs based on a theme. Still life is a traditional art form. The term 'still-life,' begins its origins in the seventeenth century Dutch language as 'stilleven' when paintings of still life became popular. I studied still life in great... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.2 Constructed imagery

29th May 2020 For this exercise we were looking at the role of lines, angles, shapes, planes, colour and the role of lighting in still life. We were asked to experiment with a number of different constructed images - still life - over a period of time using different backgrounds, objects and lighting so that... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.5 Photomontage

25th May 2020 For exercise 4.5 we were asked to construct a photomontage from images taken from old magazines and/ or newspapers. Unfortunately for me the magazines I purchase are not the type to be cut up but kept, such magazines as Creative Review, Juxtapoz and Black and white Photography. With this in mind I... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.9 Presence/ absence

7th May 2020 When we look around familiar environment we tend to ignore or 'not see' certain things in them. In this exercise, you'll explore the absence and presence of an object that you're accustomed to in order to bring to the surface an altered ambience.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg143 This is the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.6 Photomontage in Photoshop – background tests and research

2nd May 2020 For this exercise we are able to use images that we have already taken to create our own photomontages in Photoshop. Where does one start when you have such a mixture of photographs in your catalogue? Which theme? Do you use photographs that have a dynamic or eye-catching image? An image that... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.7 Repetition

8th April 2020 For this exercise we were asked to look at and create our own boxed repetition image similar to that which Andy Warhol produced within his screen print work, without the colour differences. Andy Warhol, Mao, 1973, acrylic paint and silk-screen printing on canvasimage taken from Red Glasses Unlike Warhol however, we... Continue Reading →

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