Exercise 3.7 A significant object – background tests

21st January 2020 'Family Stories' For this exercise we are asked to choose a specific object that is significant to us, photograph it, taking into account its background, viewpoint, placement, light and composition. We are then asked, ' Does the photograph (the representation) have the same meaning as the object itself? Is there a difference?"... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2** Painting with Light

The Ravens Retreat 02nd December 2019 This assignment is a trial and error process in taking a photograph of a person. This can be a hard lesson for students who don’t see the many unsuccessful attempts that are behind the successful picture, the photos that almost expressed what the photographer had in mind, where the... Continue Reading →

Research Point – Sequence: Muybridge, Michals, Arnatt, Hilliard and Ruscha

21st November 2019 Images in sequenceWhat defines a sequence, as opposed to a series, is the connectivity of the images in time or concept...... Can you identify how each of these artists is using sequence differently? look for inspiration.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg 102 I am looking forward to researching this exercise and... Continue Reading →


27th October 2019 “I have no inhibitions and neither does my camera…” "To me a photograph is a page from life, and that being the case, it must be real."Weegee Weegee's real name was Arthur (Usher) Fellig  but was known by his pseudonym Weegee which is pronounced like the Ouija board. This pseudonym was given to him... Continue Reading →

Lumix DC-GH5 and lenses

19th August 2019 Worlds first 4k/60P video recording for compact system cameras. Image quality = 6k Photos. 20.3-megapixel. Mirror less camera. GH5 review on TechRadar Lumix Micro Four Thirds My lenses: Lumix G Fisheye 8mm - creative lens - change the lens angle to create a curving effect. Lumix G Vario Standard 14-42mm - suitable... Continue Reading →

GH5 Manuals

"Fantastic things will never come from my comfort zone of the iA button. Progress and success will only come from trying the unknown and using manual settings..."Dawn Tomlin 31st July 2019 Setting up my camera for the OCA photography course was my first challenge. Gone were the days of iA clicking and here were the... Continue Reading →

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