Exercise 1.5 Experimenting with your light meter

To prepare for Project 2 (Shadows), you’ll need to understand your light meter. A camera light meter measures the reflected light from the subject.OCA FOUNDATIONS IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE FOLDER PG39 I am so glad that this exercise is included in the course. When I use to shoot in film with my Pentax, I used the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1.9 Soft light landscape

25th August 2019 Search your local area for a landscape, cityscape or other external environment where you’re able to get a wide view of a large expanse of space… The subject of this exercise will ideally be lit with diffused light… aperture of F22… Shoot a variety of viewpoints and compositions with the horizon low... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1.8 Bracketing Exposure

21st August 2019 For this exercise we were to take a series of five photographs of the same subject at different exposures. After the initial image was taken we were too: Exercise 1.8 Bracketing Exposure OCA Foundations in Photography coursework folder pg46 I actually really enjoyed this exercise, and because I was ‘physically doing’ the... Continue Reading →

Part two: Image- The portrait

15th September 2019 Exercise 2.1 OriginalOriginalManipulatedConverted OriginalManipulatedConverted 08th October 2019 Exercise 2.2 19th October 2019 Exercise 2.6 21st October 2019 People in light 03rd December 2019 29th October 2019 Exercise 2.8 14th November 2019 Exercise 2.9 04th November 2019 Exercise 2.12 14th November 2019 Assignment two Painting with light 02nd December 2019

Part one: Workflow

3rd August 2019 Project 1 - 100 Photos 11th August 2019 Project 2 - Shadows (indoors) The contact sheets below have been presented in two columns on this blog and have been saved as a 3 x 3 grid on each sheet. The reason for this is due to the fact that the images are... Continue Reading →

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