Assignment 2* Painting with Light

05th November 2019 This assignment is a trial and error process in taking a photograph of a person. This can be a hard lesson for students who don’t see the many unsuccessful attempts that are behind the successful picture, the photos that almost expressed what the photographer had in mind, where the light. was almost... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1.11 Capturing stillness and movement

29th August 2019 This project is an opportunity to produce a series of landscape or environment photographs that fuse the stillness inherent to photography with the movement inherent to life.OCA FOUNDATIONS IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSEFOLDER PG49 For this exercise I have decided to take on the theme of environment photographs in the form of buildings and... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.6 Near and far

19th October 2019 This exercise is about depth in the frame. Now you understand depth of field, you can use deep focus to photograph a figure in an environment, combining portrait with landscape and emphasising the sense of space.Aim to shoot a conclusive series of full-length and head-and-shoulders portraits using a foreground figure or face... Continue Reading →

Harold Edgerton

26th August 2019 Time/motion Jonathan Shaw (2003), Time/motion. UK: Dewi Lewis Publishing Although this book offers only a brief introduction to Harold Edgerton and his work, I purchased it because it also covers Eadweard Muybridge, whose exhibition I went to see at Tate Britain in 2011. I loved the history of and the work and images... Continue Reading →

Toshio Shibato

23rd August 2019 To prepare for this exercise (Exercise 1.11), research more of the work of Toshio Shibato whose images of dams and waterway reinforcements in Japan contrast the fluidity of water with the solidity of rock and concrete. They also document the way human beings interact forcefully with the natural environment.OCA Foundations in Photography... Continue Reading →

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