Peter Fischli and David Weiss

22nd February 2020 Everyday life throws up many unlikely juxtapositions and symbols. Research online Peter Fischli and David Weiss 'Quiet Afternoon' series and have a look at their amusing video 'The Way Things Go.'OCA Foundations IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE FOLDER PG127 Artists information from The Tate website:The photographs which make up the series Equilibres / Quiet Afternoon 1984... Continue Reading →

Bernd and Hilla Becher

10th January 2020 Look online at the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Note how the composition, framing and lighting is almost identical in each photograph and how this 'gels' the series together.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg111 Bernhard "Bernd" Becher, and Hilla Becher, were German conceptual artists and photographers. They are best known... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.1 Searching

18th December 2019 Take at least a couple of hours or more to wander around.... what do you look at? Photograph that.When you have uploaded your photos decide whether to arrange them as smaller images in a scroll that reflects your journey you made. or pick out some individual images.Does your collection suggest a journey?... Continue Reading →

Research Point – Sequence: Muybridge, Michals, Arnatt, Hilliard and Ruscha

21st November 2019 Images in sequenceWhat defines a sequence, as opposed to a series, is the connectivity of the images in time or concept...... Can you identify how each of these artists is using sequence differently? look for inspiration.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg 102 I am looking forward to researching this exercise and... Continue Reading →


An Exhibition of Railway Photography by David PearceParcels Office/ Public Exhibition Space, Lowestoft Railway Station. June 2019Exhibition Pamphlet I am ashamed to say that I heard of the exhibition through the local newspapers who wrote a journalistic piece on this, the first exhibition in the new exhibition space in Lowestoft Station. I am ashamed because... Continue Reading →

Simon Norfolk

11th September 2019 Lensculture's feature on 'forensic traces of war.' Forensic Traces of War, is a series of photographs by photographer Simon Norfolk. The link above will take you to the interview on Lensculture's website. INTERVIEW Forensic Traces of War Acclaimed photographer Simon Norfolk is exploring the idea of “battlefields” and how that term has... Continue Reading →

Gina Lundy

10th September 2019 Gina Lundy – Academy Follow this link to Gina Lundy’s website to view the work, ‘Academy.’ Quoted from the work ‘Academy,’ by Gina Lundy Gina Lundy’s, ‘Academy’ is inspiring. It is this style of photography that I would like to produce. It is a documentary style with a raw, gritty feel to... Continue Reading →

Toshio Shibato

23rd August 2019 To prepare for this exercise (Exercise 1.11), research more of the work of Toshio Shibato whose images of dams and waterway reinforcements in Japan contrast the fluidity of water with the solidity of rock and concrete. They also document the way human beings interact forcefully with the natural environment.OCA Foundations in Photography... Continue Reading →

Gabriele Basilico

21st August 2019 Research point - Diffused lightTo prepare for the next exercise, look online at the cityscapes of Gabriele Basilico. Notice the smooth quality of light, the sense of space and the way architecture seems more like sculpture, with its shape and form emphasised.OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg47 Bord de mer, 1984 Continue Reading →

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