Glitch Photography Techniques – Research and background tests

6th July 2020 Glitch apps There are many types of glitch programs which enable the user to automatically glitch their photographs. The results are obtained by uploading an image into the program and then applying a chosen glitch effect to it. The results are unpredictable and can range from the photographer having no control over... Continue Reading →

Exercise 5.1 Illusion of photography – background tests and research

13th June 2020 I actually found the title and the brief confusing. Photography is always an illusion, so which way should I travel to complete this exercise? What are we actually being asked to produce? Examples of illusion photography: Post-processingForced perspective or perspective distortionsFormDouble exposureTiny planetUse of lines Camera placement EG tiltingPhoto sequences Common subjects... Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 A staged photograph – background tests (warning self harm and nudity images)

25th January 2020 Self Harming as Protection For this assignment we were able to choose one of two areas in which we could shoot, a staged photograph or a narrative sequence. Self harm as protection seems a contradictory term, how does that work. When my ex use to run after me, to get me, I... Continue Reading →

Exercise Basic image editing

Exercise 1.2 Basic image editing Histogram/ Adjustments/ Levels/ Black Point/ White Point Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour White balance tool/ Layers palette/ Adjustment palette/ Colour Balance Adjustment Layer/ Curves/ creating new Layers/ Healing Brush/ Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer/ Opacity/ Channels Tab/ Layers mask/  Exercise 1.4 Cropping images Here I begin my editing journey… I have decided to... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2*** Painting with Light: Post Processing Cross-app

02nd December 2019 For extra post processing within this assignment I have chose to add effects consisting of colour and textures through photography apps that I have on my iPad. I use these apps often and have specific adjustments that I have created for my needs within my creative photography. The word Cross-app is a... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2** Painting with Light

The Ravens Retreat 02nd December 2019 This assignment is a trial and error process in taking a photograph of a person. This can be a hard lesson for students who don’t see the many unsuccessful attempts that are behind the successful picture, the photos that almost expressed what the photographer had in mind, where the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.11 Split contrast

17th November 2019 Split contrast is another darkroom technique that's much easier to achieve in the digital domain. Use it to add drama to your pictures or to correct problems in exposure, for example an over-exposed sky above a correctly exposed landscape. You'll need a good image editing programme like Photoshop to do advanced work... Continue Reading →

Photoshop curves Part 1 basic Master Curves from Start to Finish in Photoshop - PIXimperfect How To Adjust Curves Using An Adjustment Layer Original photograph and corresponding Curves reading Top - making bright pixels brighter, Bottom - making dark pixels darker Before and after adjustments Balancing Pixels When Lighting Dark Pixels Image with corresponding Levels reading Red and Blue... Continue Reading →

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