Assignment four

27th June 2020


Feedback on assignment

The feedback for Part four of the course which includes the assignment, related more or less to questioning my work. I will answer the questions that my tutor put forward on assignment four and I will also revisit the work and produce re-visited completed images without the wider image present and discuss the questions in that post. The post (when) completed will be able to be accessed from this link, here.

Another area that my tutor has quite rightly picked up on and commented on is my lack of contact with other students through emails, zoom meetings and other means that are available to us as students of the Open College of the Arts.

I am not going to make excuses for this, the answer of why I have limited contact which is, well, basically I am scared. I have social anxiety and making the first one or two contacts with groups of people are absolutely a nightmare. This is not something new. When I was at teaching college I only spoke to three other students in four years, the tutors were constantly on at me but they just didn’t see or understand how social anxiety works. The fact I attended college with all the bustle of bodies was a miracle in itself.

Therefore when I begin the degree, it will not be the work that will be the challenge but having to communicate with other people.

This is an ongoing mental health issue that I have had since childhood when I would hide if anyone said hello to me. But, and it is a big but, I have begun zoom workshops with Centrepieces Mental Health Arts project of which I use to be the assistant co-ordinator. The people I zoom with, some I knew and I have gotten to know the others. I therefore know I can do it once the initial scare is over, but it is stepping over and through that initial scare that is the barrier.


We spoke about collage and, although dealing with very different subject matter, I thought Broomberg and Chanarin’s ‘Afterlife’ was an interesting reinterpretation and interrogation of a press photograph using collage.’

Tutor David Wyatt

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