Batch Resizing Photographs in Photoshop

1st May 2020

  • Upload photographs into Photoshop
  • Window – Actions (appears on (R) with History)
  • Click New Folder at the bottom of it – pop up box, titled: New Set – Name (name the folder) in this instance, Resize – OK
  • New Action icon (box with addition symbol) click it – where the name is put in ow many pixels, in this instance Name: 1500px – Record (Record means it is recording everything you do and remembering it for following batch images)
  • Image – Image size
  • In width put (in this instance) 1500 – OK (its changed the image size and recorded it)
  • File – Save as
  • Put the image into the file that you want it to go in — This one is Finished images – named files – OK
  • Quality – 12
  • Click stop (recording) in Actions box


  • File – Automate – batch
  • In the pop up box underneath Play Set: Resize/ Action: 1500
  • Source – you can choose open files or entire folder – our photographs are already open in Photoshop
  • ……… if you choose folder make sure that both the Surpass file & Surpass colour boxes are ticked……..
  • Destination – Folder
  • Choose – find the original folder they are in = Finished Images – New Folder – name it: 1500px – Create – choose
  • ………. This folder is then inside the folder with the originals……….
  • Make sure Override Action “Save As” is ticked because when this option is on, files will be saved to the destination folder only by “save as” steps in the action. if there are no “save” or “save as” steps, no files will be saved” : Adobe Photoshop pop up information
  • Then document name which says File Naming then shows you an example. Underneath this the heading is Document Name (on left) and beneath this you name your file.
  • For this I have named it _1500
  • Underneath Document Name (on right) – None (the _1500 disappeared on the left)
  • Underneath where I had typed in _1500 I typed in extension and hen to the right of this I chose extension from the drop down menu
  • I re-wrote the _1500 in as it did not reappear, not sure why it went or why it didn’t return????
  • Press OK

Because the photographs were already open in Photoshop I had to save each one as their Save As box popped up.

Check to make sure the files are in the folder.

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