Exercise 4.3 Patchwork

28th April 2020

Well I am trying to get back into my work and complete the exercises that I missed. My mum passed away very unexpectedly and it has hit us so hard. I have my mental health to deal with without my psychologist, support worker or counsellor due to the lockdown. Then there is the Coronavirus which is preventing us to travel through London to be with the family and eventually to my mothers funeral. Life is, as they say, shitting unbearable!!

I had planned the exercises that I haven’t completed but because I cannot leave the house for my projects I am improvising.

The first improvisation is exercise 4.3 Patchwork. For this exercise I wanted to take textures and colours found in the seaside shop. However, alas it isn’t open for obvious reasons so I have found a few from last years shoots that I will use instead. The down side to using previous shot material is that I am tied to it. I had particular objects I wanted to photograph for this exercise now I am having to choose from a few already saved in the cloud.

Once I had located my images I downloaded them onto my iMac and created a simple contact sheet so the images full compositions were shown.

Once the images had been produced within a contact sheet I uploaded them into my pre-designed grid. I kept reorganising them by switching their positions within the grid, as well as altering their size as well as cropping sections until I was happy with a composition.

Once the grids were completed I reduced their pixel size as asked within the folder.

I produced two finished images for each piece of work, one has the dividing white lines and the second has not.

My completed works are below.

The Drink

To the Seaside and Beyond

Toilet Break

The Exhibition

Each image has its own particular quality that makes it stand out. The bright colours, patterns and textures within the seaside works really do give that sense of sun, warmth and energy. However in contrast the toilet images and the use of green give a cooler and cleaner feel to the work.

Colours play an important role within the patchwork images especially when the objects are cropped closely and become abstract to our eye. The warmer colours, red, orange and yellow appear to come towards us as these are what are known as advancing colours.

The cooler colours however are receding colours. These are colours such as blue and green which help to give a sense of depth to images and they specifically create an illusion of space.

The surface textures used within the images also affect the colour because light can bounce, absorb and reflect light and texture will provide shadows which give darker colour values to an object.

The difference between having the grid lines visible within the compositions and without also give very different visual qualities to the overall composition. With the grid lines present, our eyes see each section as part of an individual photograph and we automatically name the objects. However, when the grid is not present within the image we look around the whole composition and then focus in on the sections. The grid lines therefore act as a barrier within the work and force us to stop and start when viewing rather than sweeping across the whole composition first.

I have enjoyed this exercise although I only used eight rectangles for my grid when it was supposed to be nine or more. The reason is I didn’t read the brief properly, not a good thing if you want to be a professional.

I am pleased with my outcomes apart from the last patchwork called ‘The Exhibition.’ Although it contains different textures and colours I know the lighting within some of the images is poor and should have been adjusted before being used. Due to the underexposure the forms are not as well defined as I would have liked and the flatness this produces just gives a poor quality to the overall completed composition.

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