Exercise 4.4 Layers – final edit

3rd March 2020

For exercise 4.4 we are asked to experiment with ways of making layered imagery. We are specifically asked to use photoshop for the creation of our images. Although I will use my iPad apps for layered work as this is the current method that I am using, but I will also revisit Photoshop layers for this course and add to the existing skills I have already learnt.

If you would like to read about the symbolism and meaning of the work, Self-portrait: ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and how the images were constructed, this is the link to the detailed blog post, Exercises 4.4 layers – Research and background tests.

I produced a series for this exercise connected with myself and the topic of mental health and domestic abuse. The images would be shown together to give visual impact and stimuli to the viewer and to create within the viewers a sense of unease chaos.

The images that were produced for, Self-portrait: The good, The Bad and The ugly are titled:

  • The Good: The Gig and On Tour
  • The Bad: Take A Chance On Me
  • The Ugly: In Hiding, Faith No More, Growth and The Story’s In The Eyes

The work can be seen below.

The Good

The Gig
On Tour

The Bad

The Bad

The Ugly

In Hiding
Faith No More
The Story’s In The Eyes

For this exercise and the series of work I thought I would think about how the work would be hung in exhibition. For this I wanted to give pausing time for specific images yet also create a sense of chaos and confusion which would mimic how I felt during my relationship with the ex and also with my DID condition.

To do this I thought about how much information the viewers would be able to take in and how the eyes would be lead from one image to the next. The following diagrams explain my exhibition layout.

This series of images would be shown on one long wall with a break between the two sections.

I really enjoyed working on this series although yet again it has taken me longer to complete this exercise because I have completed more research and made more work than was needed

Blog post Exercise 4.4 Layers – Research and background tests

What I would actually like to do within my practice is strengthen my planning techniques. Although I have always worked by intuition it would be great to record my working outs in stages like other artists and photographers do. It is difficult though when I see images in my head I need to get on and work, but because of my additional needs I am often unable to put my thoughts down on paper as I work as my thoughts are chaotic and fast because of my CPTSD.

Blog post Exercise 4.4 Layers – Research and background tests

To read more about the research, composition and reflection connected with this exercise please go to the blog post: Blog post Exercise 4.4 Layers – Research and background tests

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