Off camera flash

16th March 2020

I have already bought an external flash as the Lumix GH5 does not come equip with a built in flash but a hot shoe to attach the flash. With the flash that I bought came a simple stand so that when the flash is linked to the camera via a wireless flash trigger the flash can actually be placed away from the camera itself.

With an off camera flash we can control both the direction and brightness of the light produced by the unit. This enables the sense of depth to be added to the images and if you use several flash units at different angles and different light strengths then a professional result can be obtained.

On researching off camera flash the first thing most websites and tutorials have said, which should be obvious, is that you need to know how to use your flash gun on camera to get to know the basics. From here I have read some of the texts in books that I have but because technology develops so fast many of the books are already outdated. With this in mind I then went to Youtube and put in a search for beginners guides to off camera flash and filtered them by date with the newest being brought up first within the search.

There are many videos to choose from so I will be a while watching them and taking notes. However as my tutor has said it is practice that helps us learn and perform these techniques correctly so I will research enough so that I know what I am doing when I begin and the rest will be learnt through trial and error.

accessed March 2020 from Youtube

The best written tutorial is from the Amateur Photography website and can be found here, The title of the article is Essential guide to off-camera flash by Audley Jarvis, September 2016.

It is a complete guide and has helped me understand the concept and use of off camera flash greatly.

All there really is left to do now is practice and get to know settings etc…


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