Assignment three

15th March 2020


Feedback on Assignment

Where you might need to practice (and it really is about practice), is in technically using the camera for self portraits whilst also using supplemental lighting to influence the final visual effect.

Tutor David Wyatt

These are some notes from the tutor discussion: Working on lighting – off camera flash, studio lighting – computer tethered to camera – reflector. Experiment and research for technical.

I have bought a simple reflector set with four colours, black, white, silver and gold. I need to research their basic use and write a post which I shall put under the notes category on the blog.

I already bought a complete professional second hand studio lighting set with lights, umbrellas and soft boxes. I will need to research these and how to use them correctly and write a post.

Off camera flash I have already but again need to research this further and write post.

I am interested in the computer set up with the camera. I have done this simply with my iPhone but I was intrigued with this when I had watched the photographer Hannah Starkey in an interview and she was working this way. It intrigued me. I am use to using white boards where my laptop was set up to work with it and I am wondering if the camera and computer will work in a similar way. Again more research here and another post to write up.


It was interesting to see you liked Mikhailov’s work. It might be worth you expanding on why within a post with reference to specific images and how you interpret them.

Tutor David Wyatt

Further research to be followed up on and post written.

Learning Log

You possibly don’t need categories for every single post, just one for the exercises section and then that contains each post.

Tutor David Wyatt

This is a tough one. David sent over links to other students blogs which have a completely different set up to mine. I actually had a blog many years ago which was set up in a near exact way however with so much information going onto this blog coupled with my own extra research for me with my visual difficulties, I get confused and cannot access certain layouts which actually includes the OCAs student forum. I have set my blog up perfectly for me to work my way around.

What I am now worried about is how the accessors will view my set up. Should I be presenting the work in a way which is easier for them to access or one for me to work in?

I am not being pig headed but my brain cannot access certain designs and layouts I actually cannot read and fill out forms either because the layout, if accompanied by lines and boxes confuses me.


Suggested reading/ viewing

Jo Spence is an obvious choice due to her self portraits especially in, ‘Remodelling Photo History, Revisualization’, 1981-1982.

Also, it might be worth reading ‘The Body in Pain’ by Elaine Scarry as wider critical background for possible future directions in your work.

Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag

Tutor David Wyatt

I cannot wait for this extra research. I have just purchased ‘The body in Pain’ by Elaine Scarry and ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’ by Susan Sontag.

Posts will be researched and written for the above suggested reading and viewing.

Notes from the tutorial:

Issues: If the images are made by myself only then it is a self-portrait of which I am in charge. If someone else takes the photographs it signifies I am a victim and that I have no power.

Simons, abuser – Edward Western * White – 19 didn’t want to.

Jo Spence – Body in Pain – cancer treatment til death

Re-working staged or narrative – CHOOSE ONE – 2nd, soft, focusing? 1st best – colour??

70 BW/ 80 C began to be introduced, BW now is seen as artistic.

BW ‘v’ Colour – decide wether it needs to be bw or c for the viewer. bw = artistic, colour = real

PHOTOGRAPHY TRUTH – Vietnam photography, Magnum Philip’s daughter – during and after incidents – Truth is contested, interpretation are different – power of photographer – Staged Keith Arnett

True or False – French

Alan Hibumetz

Bookbinding – Bristol Bound


16th March 2020

Just received some interesting news via an email from the college regarding the student site which I have difficulties navigating:

This is so good for me as I have been able to take part in or just browse through things on the site. Fingers crossed.

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