Exercise 4.1 Fragments – final edit

01st March 2020

I have found this work to be enjoyable. Piecing images together is something I do now and again when I am bored. I play on my iPad with my photographs experimenting in different apps and combining them within photoshop. This is where I call some of my creative photography Cross-app photography. However this is the first image constructed using different viewpoints with the influence and knowledge of cubism as the driving force.

Having this exercise to complete made me focus on a specific outcome rather than just playing about and it made a very satisfying change.

The end image for this exercise is called ‘After Sue’ and was named this because, after I had seen Sue who is one of my counsellors, I had a couple of glasses of my favourite Budweiser. Usually I have a coffee but in this instance I thought I would be a little daring.

The complete detailed write up for this exercise can be found on this blog page, here.

After Sue

I used both Photoshop and SketchBook for iPad, Photoshop being quite new as a whole application as it use to be only Photoshop express for iPad, so I am now a very happy artist/ photographer.

I built the composition up on top of a whole image and then erased areas that I didn’t feel were making the image dynamic enough or were distracting to the eye. I also enlarged or made smaller sections that I had cut and erased so that they would fit into the composition to strengthen details, leading lines and flow lines.

The image below shows the flow lines that I had planned for.

Compositional leading and flowing lines

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the research and the practical in this exercise very much and will be using this concept more in my own personal work.

The research that I have completed for this exercise can be found on the following links, Cubism, David Hockney.

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