SONY Cybershop DSC-RX100 M4 – First trial shoot and research

06th February 2020

YouTube: It’s True Review 22/9/17

Notes taken from above YouTube video:

Below are the first contact sheets from first shoot with the camera. The images were taken in auto mode as I wanted to get use to handling the camera and finding my way around the buttons. I did try to shoot Manual but could not work out how to alter the settings for the exposure triangle. I will have to do more research on this and write it up for the blog.

The camera handled very well with only some minor technical issues which arose mostly because I couldn’t find certain things that I was looking for in the menu, for example I wanted to try to shoot manual and couldn’t find how to change the shutter speed.

The menu is quite confusing, there seems to be a lot of sub menus and extra little tweaks you need to do to get to something that ordinarily would be a couple of clicks away. SONY menus are notorious for this and as I haven’t ever owned a SONY camera I didn’t have any pre-knowledge on how to work my way around their menu.

The Shots – no adjustments

The above sets of images show the use of the panoramic setting. This is found on the Mode dial on the top of the camera. Once chosen I was unable to find away of altering the settings so I am presuming that this setting is an auto one and can not be adjusted manually.

I have found with the panoramic shots above that if you stop pressing the button down because you wanted to end the panoramic image early you are left with the remaining image as charcoal grey. This can be easily cropped in Photoshop but I have decided that you may as well just add on the extra bit of image by continuing the shot until the end and then crop out any unwanted details.

In the last photograph I have noticed that on the right third of the image there are equally spaced vertical lines. I am presuming this is where I slowed down or changed the way I was panning with the camera. I do remember that where I was crouched it made it difficult for me to finish of the panning to the right of the image. I will research this though just to make sure there is not another reason for these lines.

I have chosen a few of the other shots to show, which can be seen below. These are all unadjusted and are shown as shot.

I found out after processing them that the date has been stamped on them. This is something I have never included in my work and reminds me a little of a CCTV image which would have the date and time stamped on it. I quite like it as a quirky little extra but it does distract the eye unfortunately.

I hadn’t realised the date stamp was on and I had to look up on the internet how to disengage it so that it would not appear on my next set of images. There is nothing I can do about this on this set of images as once the shot has been taken with the stamp marked as on in the settings then it is permanent.

Over all the automatic setting performed well in all light conditions. The only thing was it did record the yellow light incorrectly as it was a different hue in reality.

I forgot how easy it is to shoot in auto mode and how you do not miss shots this way. The good old days, in fact I think I still prefer it because I am still making so many, many mistakes in Manual mode and it gets a little disheartening.

The camera is definitely a bonus add to my collection and it means I now have a suitable camera to take out with me shopping as it was proving to be very difficult lugging my camera equipment around and I can also take this camera into gigs with me, although the zoom lens is very limited.

I will be researching both of my cameras setting and usage more in-depth and voting my finding in this blog.

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