Exercise 3.8 Re-photographing

21st January 2020

Sometimes re-photographing a photograph or collection of images can help different elements in a composition to gel into the same visual ‘space’.

OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg112

For this exercise we were asked to take a portrait photograph of head and shoulders of a person we know and print it out. Once printed we are asked to let the sitter draw or write over their image.

When this was completed they have to hold the image up to their face and we, the photographer are asked to align the image with the sitter and re-photograph.

The image “… represents two distinct times and two experiences. In this way, the resulting photograph contains a creative process”.


I am having so much trouble with getting my printer in line with my display. I still haven’t sent off for the paper and asked the suppliers to send me my individual ICC profile. This is only because I keep putting it off, a good tactic I always use when I am struggling with anything in my life – bury my head in the sand. There I have nobody to blame but myself!!

I took two sets of images because I lost the first only to find them again later – my workflow is still haphazard, chaotic, which is me I am afraid but I do know I have to get on top of this. The problem is I cannot remember anything I have learnt from the earlier start of the course due to my dissociation. So I am going to have to go back and re-cap and write notes for the present day me – I hate this but it is part of my condition.

I chose to shoot two sets of photographs of my eldest daughter. One in a neutral colour top and one in a red patterned top. I also changed the orientation in the second shoot but I cannot remember why. The second shoot was very underexposed and by now I had lost interest in this exercise and just wanted it over and done with.

With the chosen image I cropped into the portrait and lightened it so that I could achieve a more realistic skin tone. However on printing the image out in Photoshop I obtained a border although I had checked in the appropriate box, no border and fit the image to the A4 size. I therefore cropped in closer and adjusted the image scale in the preview box to obtain a large portrait image suitable for this exercise.

I then decided to see how the printer would print in different apps because I was having problems in Photoshop when printing. Therefore I tried printing the same image from Photoshop then Lightroom Classic and then from the printers own Epson Photo+ software.

Firstly the image from Photoshop made my sitter greyish like zombie skin, Lightroom made the overall image redder than it was, but the printers own software actually printed what was on the screen!! I can’t understand why this has happened though especially as I fiddled and adjusted in Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and Epson Photo+ all the same settings?????

30th January 2020

The different images can be seen below:

Well at least I know I can print so this is a brilliant relief. I will just adjust my work in Photoshop and print from the Epson software. Above are photographs that shows the comparisons between the different printed images.

The modified image:

The following three images are the re-shoots, subject with paper. However the first shot didn’t have the flash turned on and on viewing the image in camera, I realised it was too dark. I also noticed how the backgrounds of the paper portrait and the new portrait images are different colours, so I am not happy and will have to try to adjust the colours in Photoshop.

The chosen image was adjusted by manipulating the tone within the image. However, I then realised my problem was actually my lack of planning! I am not happy with myself as this is such a silly mistake… I shot at night with the bedroom light on instead of the afternoon.

The adjusted image below:

In a really weird, or should I say artistic way, I like this image with the two different tones. I should really re-shoot in daylight but to tell you the truth, I have spent so long faffing over my printer and then getting under exposed images that deflated me even more, that all I can say is – “Good by exercise!”

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