Jane Taylor Interiors

10th January 2020

Exercise 3.9 A Significant place looks at places of special meaning. In the introduction to this exercise, page 115 in the course folder has a photograph by OCA tutor Jayne Taylor titled ‘Interiors 2.’ On looking up Taylor I came across her website and was very impressed with how she captured the essence of people, an era or passions within her interiors series. Her works are very striking, and contain an abundance of detail which includes objects, colour, pattern and texture.

from jayne-taylor.co.uk Jayne Taylor Photography

Very intrigued and captivated with these images I had a look at the remaining three series presented on Taylor’s website.

I was very excited with the works ‘Soho.’ Having lived in a London borough I know it very well although only by walking through it to get from one area to another. I am very inspired by the works which include, Soho interiors and Soho fete polaroids by Taylor. Inspired so much in fact, little creative alarm bells are going off in my mind!!

Images below are examples of Taylor’s Soho and Resonances images and if you click on the following website links they will take you to the pages info about the series of works:

Soho Interior worksResonances

Interiors ii: Resonances – Debbie Smith, Intoxica Records, Portobello Road, London

I can now see where OCA student Archna Singh got her inspiration for the photograph she took titled,’Owl,’ page 116 of the Foundations in Photography course folder.

I love that these photographs have been staged and yet document peoples existence within an interior environment that is personal to them whether in a social, home or work context. It captures their essence and the detail within their life, these details that are the objects around them tell a story.

Researching Jayne Taylors work has helped me gain some clarity for the next exercise which is Exercise 3.10: A formal portrait and I am now actually looking forwards to planning it!

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