Assignment two

03rd January 2020


Feedback on Assignment

 I liked how you mocked the final work up in PS, but there is something to be said for actually printing the images at the scale you wish them to be seen at and placing them on the wall. They take on a new meaning as physical objects. 

This will also have the benefit of allowing you to make further choices about image scale (will the series ‘disappear’ on a large white wall if printed small for example?) 



There were a couple of reasons for making a digital exhibition space to look at possible layout compositions instead of printing the work out. Firstly, to be honest, I didn’t want to waste the ink on images that would not be used. When you are on benefits the ink takes a big gulp out of your savings. It would be different if I would use the photographs, I suppose? Especially as I print out anything from commercial large 120x80cm/ 80cmx120cm photographs all the way down to 30x20cm or A3 to A5 photographs because of how I present my work from a creative artist background rather than a photographers viewpoint – perhaps I should try to change my thinking ways for this course? But I wanted to approach the photography course as a creative artist to see what outcomes I could achieve.

I totally agree with the reason why this practice is beneficial but I cringe at the thought of all that money on printing that will not be used again.

Could I possible just put white sized paper up to stand in for the photographs and also mock up to size in PS? I don’t think even this would have the same outcome as fully printing the works out. Perhaps I could get them printed out professionally and show the work at the end of the course as an extra exhibition to the two that I am (supposed to be) working on:

The second reason I didn’t print the photographs out is because I have no wall space. It is mostly jammed packed with specially built book cases attached to most walls and a few smaller spaces where I have art works screwed into the wall… I could use my shed space but because we have packed to move it is jammed packed with furniture and boxes.

This defeats me as I want to do as I am asked to learn the best practice for photography – but instead at the moment the answer to my tutors feedback on this subject is, CRINGE!


This has been a bloody nightmare. At least I now know I can get a custom made profile for my printer which I will do when I order the paper. As for printing from Lightroom, I have literally (yesterday) only just realised why I have not been able to work in Lightroom properly. The reason for this is there are two versions of Lightroom one is called Lightroom Classic and the other Lightroom CC.

On researching this further I have found a huge difference in the two and am kicking myself that I hadn’t noticed before now rather than just continuing with Photoshop. I will be writing a post on the differences between the two and which one I have chosen to work with and why.

At least now I can start to work with Lightroom although to be honest I am a bit daunted on having to change software as I have used Photoshop CC and Photoshop elements on and off for years. But I will change software and know that I will pick it up fairly quickly.


Remember to keep up your independent research into photography as this will set you up well for progressing to the degree.

Tutor David Wyatt

At present I have a back log of reading, the photography themed books can be seen above, minus the photography and art magazines piling up. When my mental health is particularly bad I actually cannot read, I forget as soon as I have read a paragraph – it is absolutely soul destroying. I do though look at the images within the books.

I have also been watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts on Photography technical aspects as well as Photoshop tutorials. The notes for these will be typed/ photographed for blog posts later this month.

This is something I love doing, research and me were made for each other! So I definitely will not be giving this up!!

Learning Log

Looking at your blog I understand (at least I think I do) the star system you have chosen but perhaps having a category for each assignment with a post for the synopsis and final edit and then a distinct post with the background research and tests would be easier to navigate.
This starts to make more sense with time as you have more material to move around…..

This way neatly splits the work allowing viewers to see what they are looking for with the minimum of fuss.

Tutor David Wyatt

I have started this now with Exercise 3.5: Photographs from text. I think I have created the edits correctly to my blog layout but I will have to email a link for my tutor to see if it is how he imagined it to be.

I have split the exercise into two separate posts and in the drop down menu it appears as: Coursework – Part 3 – Project 1 sequence and series – Exercise 3.5 Photographs from text, Research & Background tests – 3.5 Photographs from text, Final edit

Let’s hope this is how my tutor envisaged it.

Suggested reading/ viewing

Addendum to previous feedback: I noted your comment on the price of the Friedlander book. You can see the general content here for free: 

Tutor David Wyatt

I am lucky to have a couple of amazing daughters who for Christmas bought me Letters From The People, Lee Friedlander and Worlds and Windows by Gilbert and George which is also signed by them. Both books are amazing and will be written up for the blog as well.

Well chuffed!

In this assignment I saw a division between ‘photographic truth’ and ‘photographic fiction’ within self-portraiture. With this in mind I recommend you look into the following artists: 

‘Truth’: Nan Goldin – The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – not all self-portraits in the literal sense but does include some plus the work as a whole functions as an in depth self portrait of a time in Goldin’s life. Jo Spence – The Tate website is as good as any for an overview of what Spence’s primary concerns were. 

‘Fiction’: Xena Babushkina – Wedding (you can see some of them here works#workshop&gid=1328&pid=4) Gillian Wearing – ‘Album’ – The most straightforward way of seeing some of the work appears to be via google… 

Tutor David Wyatt

I will research these and write them up in a blog post and put the link here. The post will be called ‘Photographic self-portraiture Truth and Fiction.’

From the spoken tutorial with my tutor I have written a few extra notes on photographer/ artists to research. The notes are as follows:

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