Aspect Ratio

20th December 2019

I have never really taken any notice of this term, In fact, I just flick by it in my cameras menu. Until now.

At present I am researching time lapse photography – because for me, it is very closely related to sequences and documenting change in the world around us.

While I was looking up how to shoot time lapses with my Lumix GH5 I read some articles which explained the Panasonic which is a micro four-thirds camera works differently from the Ration of a normal 35mm. Having read this I researched some more and came across an excellent blog which describes Aspect ratio in depth and with photographs as illustration.

The blog is called: Pretty Presets and the article is called, Aspect Ratio: Why It’s Important in Photography. It is written by Gayle Vehar and I do not think anyone can explain Aspect Ratio better than this article has.

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