Exercise Basic image editing

Exercise 1.2 Basic image editing Histogram/ Adjustments/ Levels/ Black Point/ White Point

Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour White balance tool/ Layers palette/ Adjustment palette/ Colour Balance Adjustment Layer/ Curves/ creating new Layers/ Healing Brush/ Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer/ Opacity/ Channels Tab/ Layers mask/ 

Exercise 1.4 Cropping images

Here I begin my editing journey…

I have decided to choose three of my chosen photographs to start learning my way around Photoshop CC. These are, ‘Bare minimum,’ ‘Pops’ and ‘More Than I Can Handle.’

Below shows the image, ‘Bare Minimum,’ before and after editing. I have learnt to locate and open Histogram and Levels in photoshop and to lighten and darken mid tones. However although I understood the information on both the Black Point and White Point, I couldn’t work out how to physically locate how to do it within Photoshop. I did not understand the term ‘By moving the left (shadow) slider to the point where the histogram meets the baseline…’

For ‘Bare Minimum,’ I altered the midtowns by lightening them ever so slightly, enabling the bottom section of the fridge to lighten but being careful that the already light areas at the top of the image did not bleach out. On looking at the adjusted photograph I realised that the colours had lost some of their impact especially the blacks so I adjusted the contrast +11 to give the black some punch. The final image can be seen on the right above.

Pops‘ before and after editing. Although I had noticed that this photograph was out of focus, I still went ahead and practice my editing on it. The reason for this was because of the overall under exposure of the photograph and the colours that had potential within it.

During the editing of this photograph, I played around with the gamma settings although they made the photograph look better to the eye, I am not sure whether I am supposed to have tried this as a way of correcting my photograph? But I like the end result and it is early days of trial and error.

Contrast +21 > Brightness +67 > Blue +5/ New exposure layer > Exposure +0.32 > Gamma correction +1.00

The following set of photographs show the editing on the image, ‘More Than I Can Handle.’ I am not sure of the over all completed result. I think that for me it would be easier if I uploaded the images and worked at them on the spot where the photographs were taken as I cannot ‘see’ what they should look like. It’s like being blind because you cannot picture what the image should look like in reality. However, I do realise this would not be practical in anyway or form, and again it just boils down to learning new skills.

I circled in red on the bottom photograph showing how I still have harsh areas of whites in the image which was the light coming in from the window. I am really disappointed that I cannot work out how to make these areas more detailed and less over exposed.

Brightness +84 > Cyan -4

“Essentials” workspace

I have managed to locate Photoshop’s workspace selection icon. From here I was able to reset the Essentials workspace simply by choosing Reset Essentials from the drop down menu. This has now given me a main panel to work from where I can access various adjustment layers like brightness/contrast, Levels and Colour Balance etc. This can now be left for easy access for any following exercises and assignments.

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