Exercise 3.1 Searching

18th December 2019

Take at least a couple of hours or more to wander around…. what do you look at? Photograph that.

When you have uploaded your photos decide whether to arrange them as smaller images in a scroll that reflects your journey you made. or pick out some individual images.

Does your collection suggest a journey? Or is it about landscapes, spaces or the people you meet?

OCA Foundations in Photography Course Folder pg99

For this exercise I have taken photographs with my Panasonic Lumix compact camera. The reason is that at the end of this journey I am going to a gig at The University of East Anglia and we can not take professional cameras in but I can get away with a compact camera. I am able to alter the settings manually but the quality of the images can sometimes be poor because of the time lag between the shutter control being pressed and the photograph being taken.

The contact sheets for this journey are below, I focused on three specific areas, the train, the train station and the gig.

I had so many images for this exercise but I wanted to present them in sets related to the things that I had photographed. I decided to stay with one specific title which was ‘Greater Anglia,’ and then this was sub-divided into titles containing a small amount of themed images only. This meant that I would have to choose my images carefully and strictly as there are some sets that have quite a lot of shots within them.

Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia: Enter, Wait, Watch, Exit

Greater Anglia: WC

Greater Anglia: Drying Time

Greater Anglia: Press To Call

Greater Anglia: Be Seated

Greater Anglia: For My Convenience

Greater Anglia: The Silence

Greater Anglia: Other Peoples Rubbish

Greater Anglia: Looking Upwards Bound

I really enjoyed this exercise, probably because this is my comfort zone in photography. I love being out and about and taking images of everything and anything especially close ups and details that you would have to stop to look at.

I will be going back to Norwich train station to recapture some of these shots again and produce more but with my professional camera. I have found that some of the images just lack sharpness and clarity and even when altering the contrast shows that the details caught with this camera are very poor.

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