Layers and layer masks Practice 2

15th November 2019

The first of which is Layers for Beginners | Photoshop CC Tutorial by Pixel and Braket, 02nd December 2017. The tutorial can be seen below.

My second practice with layers includes layer masks in the tutorial. The Youtube video is Photoshop Layers and Layer Masks for beginners by Photos In Color, 10th August 2016. The tutorial can be seen below.

Below are my notes with images of the work carried out to accompany the notes.

Notes pg1
Notes pg2
Screenshot to show how the black layer mask appears to accompany the above image ‘Black mask layer.’
Option + Click the black mask layer lets you see what is on the mask layer canvas.

Well I had only five minutes left of shifting the layers around and I have lost all of my work and it is saved but not in layers. Absolutely want to cry!

Below is the last of the exercise that I MANAGED TO COMPLETE…

I managed to complete the above three exercise but not adding the background back or putting the yellow lines inside the figure.

I have learnt again about concentrating when I am working and not playing with the cats – My fault and a valuable lesson learnt!!

I will not do that again – but I have learnt so much about layers, quite a lot in fact. I might even return and finish another day now that I know what I am doing and I am not cross referencing terms and finding out where hidden tools are so it should be quite straight forwards.

16th November 2019

Continuation from yesterday. I re-started the work from yesterday to get to the same point as when I lost the work. I managed to do this easily.

Notes pg6

Photographs to accompany the text working method above.

Then I hid the text (see notes below) and duplicated the mask layer and added it to the text layer.

Once the text layer is behind the subject, if you delete the mask the text can be moved around to wherever you want – behind the subject – which includes altering its size, position colour etc…

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