Layers Practice 1

15th November 2019

APOLOGIES FOR THE LAYOUT OF THIS BLOG POST – WordPress was somehow glitching today (again my add) and I had half of every photograph within the gallery setting with a thick grey bar running along the bottom going through the actual images. I have had to present the photographs in single format running down the page instead.

I am having so much trouble remembering to use layers and correct workflow orders etc… So I have decided to go back to the beginning of the course folder and go over the basics of editing again but more hands-on than before and with more tutorials from Photoshop which I can take notes from and work along side practically.

I am beginning this with revisiting Layers and watching beginners guides and tutorials. The first of which is Layers for Beginners | Photoshop CC Tutorial by Pixel and Braket, 02nd December 2017. The tutorial can be seen below.

As I am writing notes I am actually following and creating the same moves as the gentleman is doing within the tutorial. Below are my notes with images of the work carried out to accompany the notes.

Notes pg1
Creating a coloured square
Adding text
Manipulating the layer order
Blending the layers using the Multiply mode
Notes pg2
Colour burn but you cannot see the different text colours at all well
Linear burn and lighten
Linear burn and lighter colour
Opacity changed to 40%
Opacity changed to 15%
Notes pg3
New Layer 1 Paintbrush tool
Hide all layers and the line is left on its own
Drag Layer 1 beneath the Rectangle layer and the square is now on top
Dragged down one more stop so square and text is on top of the line. Lightened the square to Opacity 42% so that we could see the composition
All layers back in original order.
Notes pg4
Marquee tool and Move tools
Edit, Copy, Edit, Paste
Move copied and pasted section
Paint tool and brush colour within the Marquee area
Cut and move chosen sections again

I actually feel like I am getting to grips with understanding the basics, in fact it was easier to understand everything by not working on a photograph because everything was so bold and I was not focusing on a whole photograph.

Next stop Layers with a photograph for beginners!

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