An Exhibition of Railway Photography by David Pearce

Parcels Office/ Public Exhibition Space, Lowestoft Railway Station. June 2019

Exhibition Pamphlet

I am ashamed to say that I heard of the exhibition through the local newspapers who wrote a journalistic piece on this, the first exhibition in the new exhibition space in Lowestoft Station. I am ashamed because the first thing that jumps to my mind was the photographers I see at Lowestoft and Norwich train station taking photographs of the trains and I thought what a bore.

This exhibition proved not only did I have a bigoted belief about these photographers and their work, how they all just shot trains and collected the full set but how narrow minded I was to think this was all that could be photographed connected with the subject of trains. Again I am annoyed at my short comings when thinking along the lines of possibilities within subject themes and forget to focus on the wider whole concept.

We were not allowed to take any photographs of the exhibition but I asked if I could take a couple for my course and they kindly obliged. The photographs can be seen below.

The exhibition showed 70 images of the local railways life which were taken over 50 years by the Norwich photographer David Pearce.

The photographs were actually very good and the subject matters varied under the wide umbrella theme of trains. That which I liked the most was the behind the scenes images of people working in the stations and in the train sheds and the architecture shots.

It is a shame I could not take photographs of the work to discuss but here are some links to the newspaper articles on the exhibition and other website pages with Pearce’s work on them.

Norwich’s Platform 4 with 12.36 to Great Yarmouth departing on December 30 2014. It’s remarkable that it is still possible to see a guard waving a traditional green flag to the driver giving the all clear for the train to depart.

The above photograph is taken from the Norwich Evening News website. Photo gallery: Norfolk Railway Society celebrates 60 years of love for trains, Derek James, 05th February 2015.

GGS Norwich (photo below) printed and mounted the work for this exhibition. A photograph of some of the works can be seen in the below image with a link to their Facebook page.

GGS Norwich from their Facebook page

Eastern Daily Press Station regeneration hailed as railway exhibition is showcased at restored Parcels Office, Mark Boggis, 12th June 2019.

The Lowestoft Journal ‘Major restoration project’ unveiled as station preview event proves popular, Mark Bogis, 21st June 2019.

The new Parcels Office Public Exhibition Space at Lowestoft Railway Station has been unveiled as a special preview event attracted several hundred people. The public view the new Departures exhibition at Lowestoft Station. Picture: Lowestoft Central Project (from The Lowestoft Journal webpage, link above)

greateranglia Chance to preview Railway Exhibition at restored Station Parcels Office, 10th June 2019.

ACORP community rail Railway exhibition at restored station parcels office, 26th June 2019.

This exhibition goes to show that even photographers that are not ‘famous’ for their work can indeed take images akin to those in the public eye.

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