Presentation/ Exhibition: Annette Messager and Wolfgang Tillmans

30th October 2019

Go to and look at the way Annette Messager hung her photographs for My Vows (Mes Voeux). Also look at the arrangements of prints by Wolfgang Tillmans on the gallery wall.

OCA Foundation in Photography Course Folder pg92

Annette Messager – My Vows

Annette Messager, My Vows (1988-91)

Photographs, colored graphite on paper, string, black tape, and pushpins over black paper or black synthetic polymer paint. 

Image and description from the website: reframing

03rd November 2019

My Vows = photographs representing small parts of a human body: mouth, ear, foot, nose, genitals, hand, breast etc… Each photograph hangs from a string, joining and partly obscuring others, each has a black border giving an extra sense to the depth of the layers. Physical, psychological, and sexual identities merge.

Wolfgang Tillmans – selection of presentation styles

Wolfgang Tillmans has pioneered a presentation style outside the norms of standard exhibitions. Tillmans rarely uses frames, but when he does inconsistencies in size and style are obvious. The photographer mainly pins and tapes images directly onto gallery walls, placing fax and photocopies next to delicately printed images and postcard-like photographs next to large-scale canvases. Viewing his shows as site-specific, the exhibition space is generally addressed as a larger composition.

The Ultimate Guide to Wolfgang Tillmans

Key for above photographs with links to the websites they were taken from:

Tillmans has used grid formations in many of his projects over the years, most notably in the meticulous Conchorde Grid shot around London for his 1997 exhibition in Chisenhale Gallery. His Solar Eclipse Grid made a year later was included in the photographers Turner Prize installation, and in 1999 Tillmans produced Snow/Ice Grid, which shows numerous images of the varying stages of the disintegration of snow.

The Ultimate Guide to Wolfgang Tillmans

Being a creative artist I combine photography with other art elements inc… sculpture, paper-mache, strings and poles etc… I find presentation an equally big part of my conceptual photography. I have many ideas sketched out in books, funny enough one such installation I will be working on has a bedroom cupboard and photographs hanging down on wires as part of my presentation technique and another example is a series of photographs printed within a TV screen as though they are the viewers programme. I find presentation gives me a buzz as does giving work a title – to me they are all working together and are as equal in importance.

There are so many stimulating ways to present photography and art works these days that extra thought on your subject matter, sizing and print style etc… plays an important part in the end visual product. IT IS VERY EXCITING!!

This link will take you to PINTEREST and some examples of peoples presentation styles.

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