Firmware Updating

29th October 2019

I thought it was about time I bit the bullet and updated my camera and lenses firmware. I have read around the subject before and shuddered, but since I have been on this course my confidence has grown so I thought – ‘I CAN DO THIS!’

It actually was quite simple. I read different versions of peoples blogs and cross-referenced them as they differed depending on which camera they had. So I had to work out what was what as I went along.

The first thing I did though was to look at the versions that my camera and lenses already were and then looked up on the database to see if there was an update for them.



  • Check the versions the camera and lenses already are by going into the cameras setup menu and finding the Version Disp. (version display) within the wrench menu.
  • Check to see if there are any updates.
  • Format the SD cards.
  • Put in a fully charged battery.
  • Put the SD card into the iMac.
  • Download the new updates and rename them with the date and put them in their own folder for further versions to be added.
  • Make sure the downloaded files were unzipped and the .bin files were extracted.
  • Only update one item at a time.
  • Choose the .bin file and drag and drop into the root level of the SD card.
  • Put SD card into camera and turn camera on.
  • Press the play button on the camera.
  • When the Version Up menu appears select Yes.
  • Camera updates the firmware.
  • When it is completed check in Version Disp. to see if the upgrade was successful.
  • Format SD card and repeat process for lenses.

Something else I have achieved! Happy!

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