Godox TT350o and X1T-O wireless flash trigger

Well I did it – I bought the flash and a wireless trigger to go with it. Just need to purchase a few other pieces like the stand/ mount which you can see above attached to the underside of the flash. This is so it can stand alone from the camera.

Below is a link to the full instruction manual.

Front Cover – link to full instruction manual
pg27-28 Parts of the transmitter

Wireless Triggers

Wireless triggers don’t require any cords running from the camera to flash. They send a special signal to the flash every time the shutter button on the camera is pressed.

I have read that some can work from a great distance and some work around corners and also through walls.

Youtube video: Setting Up the Godox TT350o Flash. Alex Silva

Front Cover – link to full instruction manual
pgs29-30 Parts of the flash

I am finding it a bit daunting, but with me it is using as I learn – so literally, practice makes perfect!

28th October 2019

Notes about TTL Autoflash mode which I will be using to begin with. then once I am used to using flash within my photography and understand the technical side in depth then I will begin to use Manual.

Camera Parameter – Information to be found on this website, Ming Thein/ Photographer.

Having read around using TTL I am wondering if to just jump in the deep end and use manual. I have been reading that there are more complications using automatic as the camera often gets confused with exposure. Many of the chat rooms have beginner photographers finding difficulties in getting their shots how they want them to look because they cannot change certain settings.

I will use it for Exercise 2.8 and Exercise 2.9 and then read and practice it on Manual setting.

Therefore I had better put my armbands on and go for that jump into the deep end… Manual flash here I come! Well, eventually!!

19th November 2019

I need to get to know and remember the flash output numbers as I am still trialing and altering the flash during shots rather than knowing roughly where I should be starting… this is really annoying me!!

I have found out the reason my flash doesn’t have so many functions as above is because my camera is not compatible with the unit as my camera is new on the market. I will just have to use this combination until I can afford the Panasonic own brand…. oh well!

At least I now have read and remembered:

1/1 is full power

1/128th is this least amount of power

Flashes have stops like cameras = These are referred to as flash power, and are measured in fractional increments: 1 (or full) 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 1.128 – Full power, half-power, quarter-power, etc….

When changing the flash power, it’s important to remember that you are not actually altering the amount of light a flash emits. The light burst a flash fires is constant. When reducing your flash power, you are actually just changing the duration of time of that bursts light the flash emits. So, increasing your flash’s power increases means you’re making the flash stay lit just a bit longer.


Flash zoom refers to how wide your flash will spread the light. Some flash units do not have a zoom option. In an automatic flash zoom mode, the flash will detects the focal length of the lens mounted on your camera body, and adjust the light spread the flash emits to match the angle of view of your lens.

To do that, the flash changes the distance between the actual flash tube (the light) and the diffuser (the plastic front of the flash). If you’re using a zoom lens, some flashes can re-adjust this distance as you zoom in or out to matching the new focal length. If you are using a prime lens then the flash obviously only needs one adjustment.

You can also set your flash to manual zoom mode. This way you can dictate the zoom zone and set your flash spread to the available zoom setting closest to your lens’ focal length. You can also use manual flash zoom for creative purposes by setting your flash zoom to a different viewing angle than that of your lens to control the spread of light. This allows you to zoom your flash in, and illuminate a specific part of your scene.


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