Exercise 2.5 An ident-kit portrait

16th October 2019

For this exercise we were asked to photograph at least two people against a plain background with dead pan expressions. Then once printed out we were asked to make an oblong tube with straight sides and combine the finished pieces so that we made an ‘identi-kit’ face.

We were then asked to combine them together and re-photograph them in different combinations.


You could say that this exercise was doomed from the beginning right to the end. 

Firstly I haven’t got a printer for photography, I always send my images to an online lab to be printed as I tend to print in bulk and like the way they come back more or less like the images on my computer screen.

When I have home printed before, for some unknown reason that which I see on my computer is never what the printer reproduces?

Secondly, I do not know four people. Having been isolated in Lowestoft and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder I very rarely leave the house if I can help it.

… and thirdly, the completed exercise – do not ask me why – but I didn’t take the photographs with my camera but my iPhone’s camera. 

What I did do was take a couple of selfies and a photograph of both of my daughters. However, I even messed this up during the initial stages as the skin tones are different depending where I had taken them – all different times of the day and at night when my daughter was home from work so no natural daylight! The result – a disaster of mish mash tones…

Anyway – I am not pretending that I did not complete this exercise, I bought a printer and the rest is a learning curve, below are four of the results.

I found the construction of the tube easy as I work this way with my creative art, often making 3-Dimensional forms from paper.

The images have made us laugh, and it was fun arranging them. But I just wished I was ‘together’ when I did this exercise and not floating around in a void somewhere…

We were asked how we could develop our photography creativly. I already do many things with images: cross-app manipulation, weave, cut up and reform, use them as paper-mach top layers, collage, the list could go on.

Here are two examples of my woven images. I use multiple copies of the same image, sometimes they are exactly the same buy I cut them into strips and re-arrange them to produce an exact replica but for the texture of the weaving. Other times I will have one black and white image and mix it with the same image but it is colour, and other times I would combine a couple of images into the weaving.

Four of my photographic weavings in this years (2019) Hall Place Exhibition – Bexley.

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