Exercise 1.8 Bracketing Exposure

21st August 2019

For this exercise we were to take a series of five photographs of the same subject at different exposures. After the initial image was taken we were too:

Exercise 1.8 Bracketing Exposure OCA Foundations in Photography coursework folder pg46

I actually really enjoyed this exercise, and because I was ‘physically doing’ the exposures myself, I actually could see what the text is explaining about bracketing exposures. Although it is easier using the automatic bracketing feature within the camera, I actually got so much more out of doing it myself.

I set the camera to ISO 200 and F-stop 22 but because that is as high as the camera would allow me to go I had to use the shutter speed to alter the exposures. Below is the contact sheet showing the five experiments that I completed.

Contact sheet for Exercise 1.8

I have to say that I am very pleased with my bracketing attempt by changing the SS. I can easily see the differences above within the sequences of shots. The coursework folder pg 46 states, “You may notice that the under-exposed images have more tonal ‘information’ in the highlights and the over-exposed images have more shadows information.”

To look into this further I have enlarged one set of shots to analyse, which can be seen below:

Optimum exposure SS 1/15

I have noticed that my SS were not reduced or over exposed by great jumps so I still have to practice altering the SS slightly so that I am working more precise in the future.

However I can see how shadows and highlights are changed according to the settings, BUT I still find working with numbers difficult to ‘see’ in my head, that is, I cannot convert the numbers to make sense of what they actually mean when translated into SS times. I know it is to do with seconds and fractions of seconds but I still am not quite there understanding the concept.

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