11th October 2019

Tip: Juxtapositions

Photographers often use near/far, left/right. top/bottom compositions to set up a juxtaposition between different subjects in the frame….

Two subjects whose relationship is emphasised within the frame resonate against each other, both as relative points and conceptually. much staged photography is about setting up precisely these juxtapositions between objects to tell a story or give impression.


This article on the website expert photography.com gives 27 juxtaposition photography examples. It also states: ‘The definition of juxtaposition is placing two things together in order to show a contrast. In photography we use composition, clever use of forced perspectives or carefully placed props to convey the contrasts in the image. Photographs can also rely on cultural ideas and identities of the viewers.’

The 27 examples are:

  • Animate ‘v’ Inanimate
  • Big ‘v’ Small
  • Black ‘v’ White
  • Fat ‘v’ Skinny
  • Emotion ‘v’ Emotionless
  • Healthy ‘v’ Harmful
  • Human ‘v’ Machine
  • Lines ‘v’ Circles
  • Mixed Concepts Juxtaposition Examples
  • Nature ‘v’ Man-Made
  • New Technology ‘v’ Old Technology
  • New ‘v’ Old Architecture
  • Young ‘v’ Old People
  • Patterns and Colours Juxtaposition Examples
  • People ‘v’ Warfare
  • People ‘v’ Perception
  • Wealth ‘v’ Poverty
  • Poverty ‘v’ Idealism
  • Repurposing Juxtaposition Examples
  • Role Replacement Juxtaposition
  • Straight ‘v’ Curved
  • Power ‘v’ Weakness
  • Vintage ‘v’ Modern
  • Past ‘v’ Present
  • Expected ‘v’ Real Size
  • Stereotypes Juxtaposition

For every example in the list below the website has a photograph so that you can visually see the juxtaposition.

Well worth a visit, I learnt quite a lot!

Two images from guru shots.com which show juxtaposition.

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