Flower photography

13th September 2019

Flower photography: While I was getting ready to take photographs of flowers in the garden I read an article in a miscellaneous photography book about garden photography. I have jotted a few notes down that I found interesting and worth noting for future use.

  • overcast conditions are best – soft, even light.
  • strong sunlight -highlights and deep shadows.
  • light delicate flowers/ leaves from behind to see their structure and colour.
  • small aperture and lots of depth of field – detail.
  • large aperture – evocative and romantic.
  • spray water on flowers to give glistening rain feel/ texture.
  • if it is harsh light – use a diffuser such as a white umbrella to soften the light. An umbrella is good as it has a convenient handle for you to hold. Put a reflector/ white card/ scrunched up and then flattened out again tin foil, to bounce a bit of the light back into the shadows.

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