Contact sheets

Thumbnails and Contact sheets

Thumbnails – reduced size versions of photographs which makes organising and locating specific images easier.

Contact sheet – serve the same purpose as thumbnails.

Sometimes the two terms are often interchanged. I found that the term thumbnails is used more frequently and is related to all things computer based, but contact sheets are primarily photographic terms and can be created in a darkroom with film or digitally within photographic software.

Once I had the terms worked out the rest was easy to learn. I decided the final selected six photographs that were to be uploaded would be presented in a WordPress gallery block and I would manipulate the settings so that they were uniformed in size on the post. The downside of this was the photographs would be cropped to fit in with the ‘one size only’ look. However they do look like a contact sheet at a glance.

I next created ‘ contact sheet’ pages on my blog so that the course photographs can be uploaded onto them once they had been collated and made into contact sheets within Photoshop. This way I can link specific posts with contact sheets and show all my course photographic work.

This is my way of making the contact sheets using photoshop.

File > Automate > Contact Sheet II > select fileimages > check settings in check box and alter as required > Save

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